Captiva Conglomerate Case Study Composition

Major Facts:

The major facts that are that must be taken into consideration will be that the organization Captiva Conglomerate has a contract with S i9000. O Application developer for the new custom made inventory and spare part management system. The management of Captiva Conglomerate is concerned using what to do now in the contract. Also, the president of Captiva Conglomerate signed the contract that states " best effort” which so long as S. U Software can be it will be hard to file suit for damage. Major Complications:

The software is behind, more than budget as well as the currently version is certainly not user friendly towards the non THAT personnel. The program design/specifications were written by the software developer as well as the Director from the IT office just signed off for the design. The application design has not been processed through all departments for authorization and feedback. The system design was not clearly defined. There have also been 17 unpaid change purchases. The deal calls for S. O Software's best efforts with no certain deliverables. The regional and centralized method is 10 weeks behind and the spare administration is 5 months. Conceivable Solutions/Alternatives:

The possible remedy that Captiva 2012 Conglomerate has is to postpone the development of the latest software with S. O Software in order to find a new software developer to complete the procedure. Another conceivable solution should be to allow S i9000. O Software to continue the introduction of the software with Captiva Conglomerate paying the charge and holding out the time. The next solution is that Captiva Conglomerate sues H. O Computer software or the uncompleted software as well as the 1$ , 000, 000 dollars in cost more than runs. Finally, Captiva Conglomerate can attempt to modify the terms and conditions from the contract to fix the current issues and change the terms to add deliverable and milestones. Choice and Explanation:

The best solution is to have Captiva Conglomerate suspend the introduction of the current application with S. O Application and find a new software programmer to complete the...