Essay on Tourism Controversy Notes

BUS 2913 Sustaining Ethnical Identity through Tourism and Events Evaluation item two

Class Debates under the Standard Theme: " The Importance of Preserving Heritage and Culture for the Growth of Tourism”

DUE Date: Week 11

Weighting: Debate Presentation: 15% (Group Assessment)

Written Controversy Notes: 10% (Individual)

The objective of the argument is to obstacle other's facts and opinions with those of your personal. Debating is a fun and enjoyable way to develop critical considering and conditional skills while fostering teamwork and interaction. The issue format also allows you and your team to talk about research and knowledge obtained with the remaining class. Students are encouraged to tie up together the concepts from the course whenever you prepare your issue positions. Your class is to divide into groups of 6 (3 students confident, 3 pupils negative) Advised debate topics under the general theme " The importance of preserving traditions and traditions for the growth of tourism” 1 . The Dubai/Abu Dhabi government and other tourism workers are using the correct strategies to strengthen the Emirati Culture and preserve it is heritage whilst promoting travel and leisure growth for the sustainable long term. 2 . Mass tourism can be destroying Dubai's/Abu Dhabi's traditional culture, identification and life-style. 3. The economic benefits of mass travel far surpass any negative impacts getting experienced by Dubai/Abu Dhabi community. 5. Dubai/Abu Dhabi is like a tourist amusement park and the relevant stakeholders should take measures to sustain regional cultural personality before is actually lost as a minority group. 5. UAE needs to protect its historical past, nature and countryside rather than allowing developers to build even more hotels and bigger visitor complexes. 6th. UAE will need to limit the amount of foreigners in the country to mai ntain its ethnic identity and heritage. six. " Perform in Ancient rome as the Romans do”. Do you think visitors...