To Be a great Iskolar Ng Bayan Article

To get An Iskolar ng Bayan

By Meg Sales

" Iskolar ng bayan” are words that will forever become linked to each of us learning here in this kind of university. They are usually just accepted by students absent-mindedly, devoid of truly understanding the weight of being an " iskolar ng bayan”. Usually, for most people, what it takes to be a great " iskolar ng bayan” is simply to become student in the state university, the most recognized university in the country. However , that meaning can be not all there may be to this; it's the tip of the iceberg to what an " isko/iska” stands for. What most people forget is that the term " iskolar ng bayan” is actually a literal description of what UP students will be; we are college students of the nation. Here in UP, we often find students combat and protest for a higher budget for education from the federal government because this might directly affect every single one of us iskos and iskas. A part of the annual education budget of the country is intended to subsidize our UP tuition. The relatively low tuition fee within UP is caused by the fact that our government will pay for some chunk of our expected tuition; therefore what we have to pay for yourself is a decrease fee. Yet , looking at things in point of view, it is not the government that subsidizes us. The money from the government originates from the Philippine people, each of our countrymen, therefore we are obligated to pay our education to them. Their money is employed to allow us to study here, therefore we could their students; we are college students of our countrymen and of the country, therefore the term " iskolars ng bayan”. Knowing that, we have to remember that it is not only our parents' funds that is wasted every time all of us skip each of our classes, each time we are unsuccessful our examinations, or whenever we have to retake our themes. We may not feel accountable for losing our parents' money, nevertheless we should take into account that we are also wasting the fellow Filipino's money. For instance , our expenses may have been partially paid with a hardworking father, who does his job consistently and honestly every...