The Tale of Banana Essay

The Legend from the Banana

Long ago, before Thailand was invaded by additional countries, the only religion Filipinos know can be Paganism. They will know simply no God until it was occupied by the Spaniards and killed everyone who also refuses to offer their riches. In the town of Davao, one abundant family planned to hide their particular beautiful daughter named Corazon because they heard that the Spaniard chief wanted their child. Corazon was one of the most amazing maiden in the town. Just about every man really wants to have her hand in marriage. Mother: My spouse and i heard the fact that Spaniards are looking for Corazon, we must hide her! Father: I won't let these Spaniards take my child. Hurry, let's find her a safe location to hide. One day, when a number of Spaniard troops tried once again to gather each of the riches and properties and everything people have in every home, the parents of Corazon panicked knowing all their daughter can be missing. Mother: Oh my God! Exactly where is Corazon!?

Father: Corazon! Corazon!

Corazon was aiding other families to escape through the Spaniard's soldiers because they were trying to eliminate them. Corazon: People, don't panic. Instead, let's help to make a plan on how to escape by these impolite people! When Corazon went back to her parents, a Spaniard sooner or later caught her and brought her for their captain. Spaniard Soldier: Hey you! Visit this page! Follow myself!

The captain want Corazon as his bride yet Corazon declined and the captain ordered to kill her and toss her body on the street. When her father and mother heard good news that all their daughter was slaughtered, that they gave Corazon a funeral. Because there were no coffin at that time, the townspeople hidden Corazon's body system underground. The very next day, the second service is about to start, when the graveyard where Corazon was buried was very crowded. If the parents of Corazon appeared, they saw a plant developing from the dirt. They were wondering with the grow because that they haven't viewed such plant. Mother: This really is unbelievable! What kind of plan is this?

Daddy: I haven't seen this kind...