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Malunggay (Morringa Olifera) Seeds Extracts

since an Effective treatment for

Dandruff (Seborrhic Dermatitis)


This research proposal presented to

Mrs. Myrna H. Conol

Of Caraga Regional Research High School

San juan, Surigao City

In Partial Happiness of the Necessity

In the subject Advance Statistics

Harold V. Encanto


Dandruff (Seborrhic Dermatitis) is the getting rid of of lifeless skin skin cells from the top of the head. Dandruff must not be confused with a basic dry scalp. As skin cells expire a small amount of flaking is normal; regarding 487, 500 cells/cm2 acquire released after detergent treatment. Some people nevertheless , experience a great unusually massive amount flaking both chronically or as a result of a lot of triggers, approximately 800, 1000 cells/cm2 which could also be accompanied with redness and irritation. Most all cases can be quickly treated with specialized shampoos. However there is no true treatment. Dandruff is a frequent scalp disorder affecting practically half of the populace at the post pubertal era and of any sex and ethnicity. Attempting to causes irritation. It has been well-established that the keratinocytes play a role inside the expression and generation of immunological reactions during dandruff formation. The severity of dandruff might fluctuate with season since it worsens in the winter. In the Korea it is the very during the warm and sunny seasons. Your children are the most victims of this disorder. The teenager's are affected from this situation. This affects the psychological sentiment of most teenagers. It causes shame and shyness on teenagers having dandruff complications. Some shampoos trigger the flaking around the scalp because of the components added unto all of them. Some as well treat the dandruff nevertheless may cause even more production in flaking the moment stopped. Malunggay (Moringa Olifera), one of the most miraculous on plant based uses to treat ailment such as Diabetes and so forth, and as a microbacterial antiseptic on wounds and slashes and traditionally known as the " Miracle Tree” can...