Reflective Composition

My personal Reflection

This program was my first publishing course in college and although I find myself I tried my most difficult on each assignment I think I actually deserve a B+ from this class. In this class I feel I had equally strengths and weaknesses. My own weaknesses contain dyslexia and my total writing abilities; while my strengths consist of overcoming obstacles I had not really faced before in my academic life. At an early age I was diagnosed with dyslexia, not as serious as some yet dyslexia none the less. My parents moved me into a private elementary school here in Boulder. By doing this they hoped We would get more private attention. At this school I had formed a private tutor. I would talk with her a couple of times weekly. In the beginning it had been determined through standardized checks that both my reading and writing capabilities were well below efficient. I spent two total years with my teacher trying distinct methods to help me read and write better. Slowly yet steadily We caught up to my classmates. Even though I am now considered proficient in both groups, I at times still have difficulties with reading and writing. I'm not a very fast target audience and most occasions I have to re-read things to completely comprehend the meaning. Unfortunately I do think this inability has hindered my functionality in the class. Although Personally i think I have tried really hard and possess put in considerable time my scores especially around the narrative essay don't reveal that.

At the beginning of the semester I had been quite short of organizational abilities. In high school graduation, we weren't assigned much formal publishing, so my base for organization was not solid. I do believe this is among the places I possess most better over the past semester. I me personally can see a marked improvement between the corporation of the story essay and the research conventional paper. Although my own organization right now may not be superb, I think it can be one of the areas through which I've increased the most. Since my firm isn't superb I don't think I should have an A, yet due to my improvement I think I deserve a...