Student Your life Management System Dissertation

FAQs upon Student Existence Management System (SLiMS)

General information concerning SLiMS 1 . What is SLiMS? SLiMS may be the acronym for Student Life Management System. It is just a new enhanced portal, replacing the current CCA Records system in REMANSO. SLiMS is a record of your co-curriculum activities throughout your undergraduate research at SMU. 2 . What can we carry out in SLiMS/scopes of SLiMS? You may log into SLiMS to complete the following: (i) Sign up as a part of a club/interest group - Search by ‘Student Organisation' for record of all CCA clubs/interest groups in SMU and click the ‘Join' key; Sign up to be involved in the event/activity - Search for the ‘Activity' listing to get the latest occasions and actions organized by SMU Office buildings & the student companies. Click on the ‘Join' button to sign up as participant; Official CCA transcript - Upon your graduation, SLiMS can generate for yourself an Official CCA transcript detail all your contribution in the diverse clubs/interest organizations, events/activities in SMU and any other inter-tertiary, national, regional or worldwide representation of SMU. Interim CCA transcript – Of our own study in SMU, SLiMS can be used to create your Temporary CCA transcript, a modern record of the participation inside the various clubs/interest groups, events/activities, etc . so long as a student leader in the relevant clubs/interest groupings, etc . include verified the status. (For staff users only) Creating reports to get KPI revealing purposes.





Scholar Users several. What happens while i click the ‘Join' button of a club or activity (event)? A warning announcement will be delivered to the club's Ex-Co or event's Arranging Committee to alert all of them of your sign-up. You will then always be contacted appropriately by the Scholar Leaders or students-in-charge. 5. How do I key in my CCA club records? There are 2 ways in which this is done: (i) (ii) You might click the ‘Join' button of the particular club/group that interests you. Alternatively, if you did not sign up for via SLiMS, you could subscribe as a member by way of other channel [eg. during ALLEGRO – CCA recruitment day time or through direct contact with the club's executive panel (Ex-Co) and so forth ]

Both the two methods stated previously are afflicted by the club's President/Secretary's verification of your involvement rate/contributions inside the club all year round, according to the club's Constitution. At the conclusion of each Club Ex-Co's term of office (normally during year end), the club's President/Secretary having verified and confirmed the list (as every template in SLiMS) with their club associates, will then update the ‘Members' & ‘Committee' records in SLiMS and inform the CCA Manager-in-charge/School Administrator pertaining to endorsement. After endorsement by staff, these kinds of CCA records will then be mirrored in your Recognized CCA Transcript. 5. (i) I organized/participated in our College or university big event (eg. Patron's Day, FTB Camp, Graduation Night etc) which is not a CCA club. Am i able to key this kind of into my personal CCA record? (ii) Where can I enter these records in SLiMS since it will not seem to have got a webpage for people like the CCA clubs truly does? (i) Certainly, you may accomplish that. (ii) - These participations are classified under ‘Activity' in SLiMS. Individual learners are not able to create any activity (event). - All ‘Activity' creation can simply be done by the student market leaders (Club's Ex-Co/Organising Committee) or perhaps staff-in-charge of the ‘Activity' (event). - When the ‘Activity' (event) is created, every single student may click the ‘Join' button becoming a participant. The Chairperson/Secretariat of the Organizing Committee will have to upgrade and verify the list of most their Ex-Co members and participants in SLiMS. Once verified, the staff-incharge will probably be notified and may proceed to recommend their participation. Upon certification in SLiMS, the information will then be shown in your Recognized CCA Transcript. As such, as being a student, you are going to no longer ought to enter your own data. All...