Oktedi Water piping Mine Article

The Ok Tedi Copper Acquire

Ethical Issue

* Opening the acquire without a spend storage.

If they will have anxiously waited to open the mine to get the waste storage to become completely finished they under no circumstances would have started disposing trailing in the river.

* Environmental destruction along the Fine Tedi.

Environmental surroundings that is damaged is the river, the seafood, the forest area over the river, the gardens, and hunting resources. The damage is already done to the surroundings. How long will it take to make contact with a clean environment?

* The potential for city disorder.

The towns people generally support the mine but the animosity is due to the damage it can doing towards the environment. Civil disorder could potentially be triggered if they will decide to close the acquire because so many people will lose their particular jobs.

2. Compensation and social expansion.

A group of landowners petitioned the government to take action to prevent the launch of the tailing into the riv and to supply them with a compensation for their failures. The my own is helping the community with jobs, health rewards, schooling, training, etc .


Based away all the specifics and information that is present, there are 4 possible strategies to this problem: 1 ) Continue working the my very own and dredging in the decrease Ok Tedi River. 2 . Continue functioning the my own, dredging and make a new storage area facility for the future mine tailings. 3. Continue operating the mine is to do nothing else.

some. Close throughout the mine right away.

Alternate 1

In the event that Ok Tedi Mining was going to continue functioning the mine and dredging in the lower Ok Tedi River, this may lower the sand amounts which in go back would decrease the chance of surging. Dredging will still cause the sediment to move straight down stream. Because the sediment remains accumulating it can be still affecting the woodlands and environment. Also, to mine and dread is going to potentially be an additional cost between $300-$400 (millions). This amount of...

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