Mis589 Week 2 You select Essay

MIS589 – Wk2

You Decide

Following conducting selection interviews with the important stakeholders on the Leonard Cooper Charter University, we have discovered several issues with the current network that need to be dealt with. According to Network Tech, Helen Ross printing is a problematic location. The school at the moment has more than 50 network printers inside the building and in addition they would like a way to consolidate the management of print careers due to the lines of the printers often being filled. Recommendation: Install a print server to deal with print demands on the LAN. This will offload the supervision of stamping from the main LAN and increase network efficiency. Additionally a twenty four port switch will need to be set up to assist with communications between printers and networked gadgets. This will reduce the printing device collisions and permit print jobs to complete much more quickly. The network has also turn into a source of contention with recurrent collisions specifically at optimum periods throughout the day such as the morning when everybody gets is definitely and begins their activities. An interview with IT Representative, Alfred Wingfield has revealed that the wire infrastructure is in dire will need of substitute to enable the use of a voice over I actually. P. program with the current system. Additionally , the customer want all of the backbone switches attached to each other using a high speed connection. Recommendation: Set up Category 6th UTP 1000Base T Ethernet, Cabling. Whilst this may not be the most affordable solution, it will eventually alleviate each of the customers concerns by providing a top speed connection that can take care of the voice over I. G. system along with connect every network buttons and reduce the latest bottlenecks knowledgeable by the customer. This cabling solution will likely allow the network to run by full de dos pisos rather than the current half duplex. In a 50 percent duplex network data trips both directions over a shared pair of wiring causing repeated collisions. Switching to a complete duplex construction...

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