Linux Protection Final Review Essay

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1 . What is an uplink port? Permits the connection of hub to hub or switch and never have to use a particular cable installment payments on your Which data speed and maximum cable length can be not intended for Category 5e/6 cabling? Nearly anything other than 100MHz/1000Mbps (Cat5e) or over to 250MHz, class E/1000Mbps, 10Gbps but at a distance lower than 100 metres (Cat6) the two up to 95 meters. (Page 59. ) 3. So what do the links lighting on a hub or switch represent? That the transmit and receive pairs are correctly aligned and the connected devices are conversing. 4. What really does the link mild on a NIC represent? On-line to the network. 5. Precisely what is an replicate request relative to computer networking? It is part of the ICMP protocol that requests an answer from a computer. (Page 40) 6. Precisely what is the order used on a PC to show the MAC address? ipconfig/all 7. What is the control used on a Linux machine to display the IP address? ifconfig 8. What is the maximum duration of a horizontal cable work that still allows for the length of the plot cables and extra cabling to each end? 90 meters being unfaithful. A data problem is reported to the network supervisor. The problem is discovered to be with the UTP network connection. What would the network administrator do to isolate the condition. Test the hyperlink, perform a traceroute command, is determined by what type of problem is occurring with the cabling. 10. Describes interconnection of LANs within a limited geographic place. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) (page 5) 11. Which will describes a network system working at 75 Mbps? Fast Ethernet or perhaps 100BaseT (page 32) 12. What is one more term pertaining to network over-crowding? Bottlenecking (page 59) 13. A network address of 192. 168. 6. 0 and a subnet face mask of 255. 255. 254. 0 may be written in CIDR since? 192. 168. 168. 0/3 (page 180) 14. Three packets traded at the beginning of a TCP connection between two ports happen to be: SYN, SYN+ACK, & ACK (page 159) 15. IP addresses are assigned in which of the subsequent? ARIN (American Registry for Internet Quantities (page 173) 16. The bond to a router's console dock input is typically which from the following? RS-232 serial marketing communications port employing an RJ-45 jack for connecting to its interface (page 201) 17. What is the assistance command in the CISCO IOS? "? ” is the universal help command (page 207) 18. AUI stands for: Connection Unit Software (page 141)

19. The router user interface most commonly used to interconnect LANs to a campus network is definitely: Fast Ethernet (Chapter 9) 20. Serial interfaces on a router are normally used to: Used to interface to other serial devices (page 214) 21. Clocking within the serial dock of a router is set with the DTE end: False, it can be DCE (page 215) twenty two. The purpose of a gateway is always to allow info to enter and exit a LAN. The case (page 145) 23. The command for saving the router's running-configuration to non-volatile memory is usually: copy operate start (page 235) twenty four. The management distance of your static path is: one particular (page 246) 25. EIGRP is classified as which in turn of the pursuing: link-state process (page 257) 26. What area IDENTITY should be intended for the Network backbone? Place 0 (page 251) 27. What does ospf use to validate that two router links are interacting? " Hello Packets” (page 251) 28. Which document allocation stand system is great for very large multiple gigabit drives today? NTFS (New Technology File System (page 115) 29. Which in the following coach types facilitates 480 Mbps data prices? USB 2 . 0 (page 104) 31. All computer systems in the network providing similar services which includes server capabilities identifies which sort of network? Peer–to-peer (page 510) 23. Dynamically assigns IP tackles to equipment as needed: DHCP Hardware (page 513) 32. A red " x" on the users consideration in Glass windows 2003/2000 implies which of the following The consumer is locked out for having too many logon attempt failures (page 553) 33. This server can be used to support information demands from clientele. Proxy Hardware (page 513) 34. Computer Viruses and Worms cause all of the following except: Malware causes irritation, clogging in the...