Hsc Food Technology Essay

HSC Food Technology


Assessment Process 2

Meals Manufacture

Portion A – Analysis and preparation

1 . a) Select a protect (jam, chutney, pickle) and submit some type of computer generated backup of the recipe. Strawberry jam recipe submitted.

b) Discover ALL raw materials that would be found in the production of the selected maintain. A organic material can be defined as any product that is used in the manufacture of another food. Strawberry jam

Ingredients – fresh strawberries, lemon, sugars

Materials – heat

Food additives – nil

Packaging – a glass jars with lids.

c) Complete an accurate food purchase. If necessary, change quantities to get a maximum of a couple of jars of preserve. (Makes approximately600grams of jam. )

500gms fresh strawberries

500grams sugar

½ tablespoon of freshly squashed lemon drink

2 . a) Identify FOUR reasons for conserving foods. Relate to your picked preserve. Blood jam

The main reasons for conserving strawberries as jam happen to be:

To keep it safe intended for human ingestion in a point out acceptable to get the consumer therefore reduce waste materials. To retain the nutritive value of the fresh fruit.

To make blood jam available all year round which provides for a larger variety of selections in the buyers diet. To achieve economic stability for makers of bananas by reducing seasonal variances in availability.

b) Describe ALL rules of preservation used in the production of your preserve. Temperature control – micro-organisms grow or produce harmful toxins in certain temperature varies. The application of temperature is used within the manufacturing of strawberry jam. Preservation approach – sterilisation. Restriction of moisture – The amount of readily available water inside the preserve is going to determine if an patient can expand. The use of sweets in the production of strawberry jam minimizes the readily available water. Exemption of atmosphere – Most organisms need the presence of oxygen to develop. The heating system of the protect, strawberry jam and then the location of the quickly pull into...