Essay about Firearm and Crime Landscape

Reveiw Questions

What is the NIBIN?

The NIBIN is a National Built-in Ballaistic Recognition Network. What is rifling? What two types of markings does this produce? Rifling is the get out of hand grooves lower into the clip or barrel of a gun in order to make a bullet spin as it is fired. The two types of markings that rifling produces can be grooves and lands. What is a distance determination? How is done?

Distance determination is the means of estimating the length between where a shot is usually fired and it's target. This can be done by examination, testing and comparisons of residues. Precisely what is the Greiss Test?

The Greiss test is known as a test that uses chemicals to develop nitroglycerine nitroc residue patterns, particularly about bullet holes. When a bullet is recovered, how is it marked intended for identification functions? What must be avoided? Each time a bullet is retrived it can be marked intended for identification purposes with the investigator's initials, frequently at the suggestion or basic of the topic. The sides of the bullet should not be noticeable. Critical Thinking Questions

If you found a firearm by a crime field, what steps would you take in order to travel the weapon to the laboratory? If i located a gun at against the law scene the steps i would ingest order to transport the system to the research laboratory would be to 1st ensure that the firearm will never discharge unintentionally on the way to the lab. This can indicate that the firearm will need to be unloaded before it truly is transported or handled in analysis. An email should be built about the position of the gun's safety and hammer. Every single round extracted from the firearm is placed in a separate package. Why do you think it might be helpful to know the distance between a gun fired and its target? I do think that it could be useful to understand the distance between a gun dismissed and its concentrate on because it can easily determine if it had been done in home - security also the actual distance may help forensic science tecnistions determine if a death was a suicide or a homicide built to look like a suicide. If you were in...