Case Study: Leadership Training  Development Dissertation

Case Study: Leadership Schooling & Expansion


Consumer Description:

Hewlett-Packard (HP) can be described as Fortune 90 global technology company.

The case:

In January 2002 HEWLETT PACKARD faced incredible challenges: - HP was adjusting to a major reorganization, which usually reconfigured more than 80 independent business units in to just some global business units. - The company was concluding and implementing its merger with Compaq. - The backdrop was a fragile economy subsequent September 14 and the dot-com downfall, pushing the initial largescale layoffs in the business history.

The process:

The company's situation presented a massive challenge to its leaders at all levels. Leadership strategies that had been effective in more secure, autonomous sections were not successful in this new environment. The newest strategy demanded integrated alternatives that would provide both simplicity and incremental value to customers.

Via an employee survey, the following concerns were determined: - Range managers would not support focal points for action. - Decision-making was slow. -- Cross-boundary cooperation was poor. - All of the changes in procedures, metrics, advantages, and behavior to support the shift to a customer-centered organization strategy needed to be accelerated. - Accountability for measurable effects needed to be improved.

The Solution:

As well as HP's central function intended for workforce creation, Conversant designed the Active Leadership training program to train almost all managers. This program provided one common and powerful set of tools to accelerate collaboration and contribution. A 10-week follow-through software designed by Fortification Hill made certain that goals set during the program had been destined to get completion and that the return on investment (ROI) of the system could be accurately measured. Early results forced additional require to likewise train person contributors.


The Dynamic Leadership plan produced a 15: 1 ROI, a dramatically better result than most teaching programs....