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п»їDetailed Lesson planSylester S i9000. JazminIII-21 BSE P. At the. PROF. Bello Arviola My spouse and i. Objectives:

a. Cognitive- students will be able to take note of recreational activities that you can do to prevent abusive drinking. b. Efficient – learners will be able to prefer the importance of recreational activities as a safety measure in alcohol misuse c. Psychomotor – learners will be able to produce a slogan demonstrating what they have discovered about the prevention of alcohol abuse II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Stopping Alcohol abuse through recreational activities b. Materials: Structure Papers, Вј cartolinas, guns, pictures of recreational activities c. Reference: Mapeh to a better You 4

d. Ideals Integration: Drinking alcohol is certainly not prohibited although abusing this, made plenty of negative outcomes. " anumang bagay na sobra ay masama. ” III. Treatment




1 . Prayer

Class let's pray

Anybody who'll lead the prayer

Good Morning Class!!!

How's your day today?

Who's absent today?

Very good Class!

2 . Exercise

Last time we talked about alcohol dependency. People becomeaddicted to alcohol because these were misguided by their own morals. So category can you offer one by one the beliefs we now have discussed previous meeting?

Very Good School! You really discovered our lesson last conference. I hope you might have intelligently assessed all the beliefs you've discovered because not all of these philosophy are benefits. 3. Determination

Class during weekends, what particular activity are you busy with? Or what is you habit during weekends? Seriously! It's a incredibly physical! Are you just jogging or running when you're going to CCP? Great! What a family you've got!

How about you? (another student)

Ow! Your loved ones is very encouraging to you! One more hand? (other student)

School all the actions that you've stated are whatever you call ACTIVITIES and these activities can prevent the mistreatment of liquor.

B. Lesson Proper

Category Alcoholism is definitely the severe reaction to prolonged and excessive usage of liquor. It is associated with the physical and psychological dependence on alcohol towards the extent that tolerance is established and drawback symptoms consequence if the alcoholic beverages drinking ceases. Class what do we indicate by threshold?

Allright! Alcohol patience is increase in regular consuming.

The effects of alcohol dependency are severe, both psychologically and actually. The compulsive drinker steadily loses his desire for meals and many develop malnutrition.

Category when we state compulsive consumer, this would be the persons that may be obsess and drinking extreme alcohol, there exists much more liquor intake than food. Perhaps there is anybody who may be drinking alcohol below? Except me? (one college student will stand voluntarily)

Okay… are you a compulsive drinker?

At the time you know that you are going to drink this time, are you ingesting your regular meal? Particularly dinner?


That's right that is certainly how weakness takes place. Not simply the belly is afflicted but also all of his internal organs will be affected. Anyone may develop DELIRIUM TREMENS, in which he loses most sense of the time, space and surroundings and could experience horrifying visual hallucinations, that may really injure him self in his hard work to escape by hallucination. Category when we declare delirium tremens, it is a psychotic condition standard of drawback in long-term alcoholics, regarding tremors, hallucinations, anxiety, and disorientation. School how about hallucination? I know you understand this thing!

Sure! that is among the manifestations. One other!

Okay correct! It is a misconception or false impression.

Class, death may result coming from an strike of delirium tremens in the event hospitalization and medical care are not secured. Hospitalization is desirable in treating alcoholic beverages drinkers. School it is a very good news that not most alcohol consumers end up in addiction to alcohol. This can be removed or avoided. So course if some of you enjoy alcohol, this are the...