Billy Elliot Essay

Billy Elliot – Into the World

There are a variety of pathways and elements, which will enables person transition right into a New World. ‘Into the World' is about persons choosing the following pathway into their life by their own determination, experiences and support which enables them to visit beyond their very own original site and slim view worldwide. ‘Billy Elliot' relates to the elective ‘Into the World' as the film is around new opportunities opening up, determination, family support and individual growth. Two related text messages that display other kinds of changes into new worlds consist of an article for the Queensland University of Quality titled ‘Pas de deux' from the ‘Australian Educator' for the 03/05/04 and a documented by a Youth Program known as ‘Typo Station' from Saturday Sunrise. To demonstrate different paths into a new world, these three texts use different types of approaches.

The film Billy Elliot is a cultural drama as it deals with many different social concerns such as poverty and category. It is with regards to a young son who has adult in a poor community and a world of rules and traditions. During Billy's boxing lesson, this individual discovers that he features talent in ballet dancing. Contrast can now be used by the camera panning past a large number of pairs of dainty recreation slippered foot before purchasing Billy putting on his boxing boots. This kind of shot reephasizes the idea that Billy is different, and highlights his preparedness to take risks and stand out. In order for Billy to pursue his journey in dancing, he has to not in favor of his fathers rules and deal with extremely popular and frustration he is facing in his current world. Billy realises that dancing will certainly open up his world.

Showing Billy's perseverance to succeed, Daldry uses a number of film ways to emphasise his strength of character plus the frustration this individual feels when folks try to end him making his change. The use of gates is a reoccuring symbol which represents new sides or limitations between worlds and used throughout the film. Billy's...