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1 ) Introduction1

1 ) 1 History of Kodak company1

1 ) 2 Thesis2

2 . Tricks of the Kodak company2

2 . 1 corporate level of Kodak company2

2 . 2 Organization level of Kodak company3

2 . 3 Function level of Kodak company3

a few. Swot Evaluation on Kodak company4

several. 1 Swot Analysis on corporate level4

3. two Swot Examination on organization level5

3. 3 Swot Analysis upon function level5

4. Suggestions6

5. Conclusion7

6. Bibliography8

1 . Advantages

1 . you Background of Kodak organization

Kodak was the world's major manufacturer and supplier about imaging products and related companies. With the motto " you press the button, all of us do the snooze, " George Eastman place the first basic camera into the hands of a world of buyers in 1888. In so doing, he made a cumbersome and challenging process simple to operate and available to nearly everyone. Since that time, the Eastman Kodak Company \leads the way with an abundance of new items and operations to make photography simpler, even more useful and more enjoyable. Actually today's Kodak is known not merely for pictures, but also for images used in a number of leisure, business, entertainment and scientific applications. Its reach increasingly entails the use of technology to combine pictures and information--creating the potential to profoundly transform how persons and businesses communicate. The word 'You Press the Button, We do the rest' was obviously a common advertising and marketing slogan inside the 1890s. And Kodak organization is known as several of today's most recent digital products and our early on film and cameras through the 1880s. (kodak. com. d. d)

1 . 2 Thesis

In this report, I will expose the company called Kodak and i also will let you know the Kodak'experience through the development. And I will point out the down sides of the Kodak and have a lot of my own advice to try to support Kodak business walk out the failure and continue to develop the company.

Strategies of the Kodak company

installment payments on your 1 corporate level of Kodak company

The organization vision of Kodak company is that provided that the pictures of are each of our business. (mbalib. com. and. d) The vision is said that Kodak is a product which is related to the picture. As well as the vision as well said that Kodak wanted to the business would develop into a big business, and be well-known in the world. The key purpose of setting up Kodak business is that Kodak can help visitors to record the life, and get people to memory amazing life conveniently. Kodak delivers service and support through the entire life of your investment, coming from installation to maintenance to professional solutions, ensuring ongoing productivity as well as continued significance of the methods to your business operations for years to come. Each of our services are available for Kodak and other manufacturers' equipment alike providing a sole supply for your companies needs. As a result of types of investments is made in products, extending lifespan, reducing the expense, and increasing productive uptime are essential. Kodak Service & Support can be dedicated to helping you achieve and look after peak efficiency as well as streamlining your life with a single level of contact. (Shen, 1930)

2 . a couple of Business level of Kodak organization

Eastman Kodak Company has the following significant business areas: The company features four business units: Photography Department, Medical Image resolution, Commercial Imaging and Components Division. And it almost provides a wide variety of imaging products In every country on the globe. Kodak firm has a pair of core worth, such as showing respect for the dignity of the individual. Upholding uncompromising ethics. Giving and receive undeniable trust. Demonstrating and maintain continuous credibility. Helping continual improvement and personal renewal. Recognizing and celebrate achievement. The objective of Kodak company is that Kodak planed to increase more rapidly than our competitors by providing buyers with the alternatives they need to record, store, procedure, output and communicate pictures. anywhere, anytime. We...

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