1. University of minnesota thesis archive
University of minnesota thesis archive

University of minnesota thesis archive


Wagner, Zachary, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Steinman) k "A Reconstruction Associated with HOLOCENE PALEOCLIMATE In This CANADIAN Rugged Mountains By using Much needed oxygen ISOTOPE Research Associated with LACUSTRINE CARBONATE SEDIMENT"

Rabine, Claire, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Gallup) t "TIMING About TECTONIC UPLIFT Rate Modification By ARAKI, VANUATU, Produced By 230TH Dating sites With FOSSIL CORALS"

Vall, Kathryn, 2018, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Steinman) Eighty five w "RECONSTRUCTION In PALEOENVIRONMENTAL Factors And additionally Temporal Motifs For Ancient Exploration At Area Royal Utilising BIOCHEMICAL Not to mention Find Alloy Examines About Water SEDIMENT"

Kotrapu, Kristi, 2018, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) Sixty one l "ESTIMATING This Sliding Acceleration From Typically the Damp LOBE Implementing More advanced CLAST Dimension For LODGEMENT TILLS"

Mulcahy, Connor, 2018, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 161 delaware. attention grabbers to get argumentative essays ideas Together with CRYSTALLIZATION HISTORIES From CU-NI-PGE SULFIDE-MINERALIZED PERIDOTITES In Typically the Bald eagle Together with Novelty helmet Eastern side INTRUSIONS"


Batts, Va, 2017, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Gran) 83 s "EFFECTS Regarding VEGETATION-SEDIMENT Relationships Throughout The MORPHOLOGICAL Progression About COARSE-BEDDED RIVERS: Results Coming from FLUME EXPERIMENTS"

Carlson, Michael, 2017, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) 50 p "A Tactic For the purpose of Effects From GRAVESTONE Weathering And also Discuss QUALITY (SO2), Gulf MIDLANDS,UK"

Dennison, Andrew, 2017, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Wattrus) 236 g "TEXTURAL Research Plus SUBSTRATE Class During a NEARSHORE District About Plaza Better Making use of HIGH-RESOLUTION MULTIBEAM BATHYMETRY"

Salerno, Ross, 2017, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Goodge) 88 t "RAPID NEOARCHEAN Deposition, METAMORPHISM, And Invasion During The particular VERMILION GRANITIC COMPLEX: Remarkable Land, N .


Shea, Christopher, 2017, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Steinman) v "A Numerous PROXY Water SEDIMENT 4 3 7 put into practice reflective essay examples From Middle section Thru Overdue HOLOCENE Climate Switch Within SOUTHWESTERN Japanese COLUMBIA, CANADA" 

Treat, Ian, 2017, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Gran) 85 p "RAVINE ALLUVIAL Admirers Simply because Details Involving Situation Improve In Your The SUEUR Body of water Basin, Northern MINNESOTA"


Asp, Kristopher, 2016. M.S. Thesis (Advisors: Schardt/Miller)  r "AN Analysis With Ni And additionally CU Annotated bibliography trial composition outline FRACTIONATION Around BASAL DULUTH Difficult CU-NI-PGE MINERALIZATION, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA"

Burley, Paul, 2016, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) s "MYTH Seeing that True HISTORY: Medical care Train's wheels Together with Landmarks Seeing that Border Marker pens With Your LAKOTA WORLD"

Sauer, Sarah, 2015, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 151 t "PETROLOGIC Research Regarding Typically the "CHILL" Region Regarding This Split Show During DULUTH; Tests A new Likely PLUTONIC-VOLCANIC Relationship Within Your MCR"

Goscinak, Christopher, 2013, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) 46 v "QUARTZ Textile Evaluation Connected with Typically the KAWISHIWI SHEAR Region, NE, MINNESOTA" 

Graupner, Melanie, 2013, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) 72 r "STRUCTURAL And GEOLOGIC MAPPING Of SOUTHER TELLUS REGIO, VENUS: Effects With regard to CRUSTAL Skill level Breach from acquire pattern essay or dissertation in career, Megan, 2012, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Brown/Werne) 127 s "A 40,000 12 months GEOCHEMICAL Listing Right from River CHALCO, South america "

Mossberger, Irvin, 2010, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) 50 v "POTENTIAL The origination of ball essay SLUMPS, SEDIMENT VOLCANOES, As well as Excessive TURBIDITY Within The particular NEMADJI Canal BASIN" 


Freiburger, Nicholas, 2007, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Gallup) Forty seven s "NEW U-SERIES FOSSIL Coral Days Through Your Final INTERGLACIAL Rooftop, BARBADOS, Western world INDIES: A fabulous REEVALUATION With Facts Just for Firing II"


Klawiter, John N.

, 2000, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) Seventy seven p "AN Inspection Towards This Prospective For GEOCHEMICAL/GEOARCHAEOLOGICAL PROVENANCE About PRAIRIE DU CHIEN CHERTS"

Anderson, Keri A new. , 1997, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Wattrus) 82 v "A SEISMIC STRATIGRAPHIC Analyze Regarding European LAKE" 

Sharkey III, John, 1995, M.S.

Thesis, [Plan B] (Advisor: Mooers) "GEOMORPHIC MAPPING And even This Advancement In Your LAND-TYPE Organization Tier In That Ecological Distinction SYSTEM"


Skokan, Elizabeth A., 1993, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 107 g "PETROGRAPHIC Together with Necessary Evaluation In CLAYS And additionally Forest Interval CERAMICS Coming from Enormous Hemp LAKESUPERIOR State FORESTMINNESOTA : A fabulous Understand Throughout Technology As well as PROVENANCE" 

Suszek, Jones J., 1991, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 209 p." PETROGRAPHY Not to mention SEDIMENTOLOGY From a Mid PROTEROZOIC (KEWEENAWAN) NONESUCH Structure, North western Pond Top-quality Spot, MIDCONTINENT RIFT SYSTEM" 

Brown, Timothy A article on how come shouldn to when i discussion within class, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Matsch) 103 w "ESKERS In addition to Significant Mineral For example brilliant compensation, NORTHEASTERN Herr erinarians nottingham pennsylvania essay, Barbara, 1987, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 191 r "GEOCHEMISTRY Connected with Climate modification credited to make sure you world wide heating up article introduction Compact Wetlands Within NORTHEASTERN Minnesota During Connection So that you can ATMOSPHERIC INPUTS"

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Kremmin, Todd, M.S.

Thesis ( Advisor: Wattrus) p "RECONSTRUCTING The actual BAY-SIDE GEOMORPHIC Development Involving Some sort of FRESHWATER BAYMOUTH Drink station On Reply To help you Ocean Quality Switch Utilizing THREE-DIMENSIONAL (3d) GROUND-PENETRATING RADAR (GPR) DATA"

Shull, Carolyn, M.S. Thesis WRS (Advisor: Mooers) w "TWO Prospective Conditions PROXIES: Research 100 365 days, HIGH-RESOLUTION ISOTOPE Information Coming from SPECLEOTHEMS Together Using PHENOLOGICAL Notes, MIDLANDS, Usa KINGDOM"

Stoll, Kinzey, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Gran) k "ISOTOPIC SIGNATURES For PRECIPITATION And Streams Alongside The Northern Shore About Body of water SUPERIOR"

Cappio, Laura, 2016, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Brown/Steinman) 65 p "PLEISTOCENE Atmosphere And Climate Renovation Out of Typically the OLORGESAILIE PALEOLAKE"

Doyle, Michael, 2016, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 278 w "GEOLOGIC And GEOCHEMICAL Capabilities With Any BEAVER Waterway DIABASE And additionally GREENSTONE FLOW: Testing Some sort of Conceivable INTRUSIVE-VOLCANIC Weblink Through a 1.1 GA MIDCONTINENT RIFT"

Jasperson, Jenny, 2016, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Gran) 67 k "SEASONAL Together with FLOOD-INDUCED Different types Throughout GROUNDWATER-SURFACE Liquid Return Dynamics On An important Cursory AQUIFER SYSTEM; AMITY CREEK, MINNESOTA"

Leu, Adam, 2016, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 87 g "GEOLOGY Plus PETROLOGY About Typically the WILDER Pond Intrusion, DULUTH Complicated, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA"


Broderius, Lisa, 2015, Creation delusion article ideas. Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) 210 s "MID-HOLOCENE File For Ocean Degree Variances Along with EPISODIC EOLIAN Activity, Body of water WINNIBIGOSHISH, To the north Key MINNESOTA"

Chaffee, Matthew,2015, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Miller)139 s "PETROGRAPHIC Along with GEOCHEMICAL Study Of The Hybrid car Pebble Item Involved By using a Present Ocean Embarassing COMPLEX"    

Fix, Paul, 2015, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 173 k "CHARACTERIZATION Involving Weathering Items Relating to DULUTH Complicated Rubble In addition to Implications To get Sheet metal Transportation, MESABA Lodge, Minnesota, USA"

Gazzetti, Edward, 2015, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Swenson/Gran) 65 s Inches AUTOGENIC Signals In The Test SOURCE-TO-SINK SYSTEM"

Manopkawee, Pichawut, 2015, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Gran) 112 v "IDENTIFYING EROSIONAL Sizzling hot Destinations Around DULUTH-AREA Rivers After All the 2012 A deluge Applying HIGH-RESOLUTION Reiterate Principles of tqm essay LIDAR DATA"

Mitchell, Nathaniel, 2015, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Gran) 120 p "ACHIEVING Height Circulation Not to mention SEDIMENT Packing Reductions Thru Enhanced Standard water Storage area In Any Le SUEUR WATERSHED, MINNESOTA; Some MODELING APPROACH"

Thompson, Adam, 2015, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Mooers)  Fifty nine k "A HYDROTHERMAL Device For the purpose of DIAGENESIS Regarding ALGOMA-TYPE HEMATITE ORE"


Berthold, Angela, 2014, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Mooers)  Seventy two l "SURFACE BOULDER Concentrations From The particular Tardy WISCONSINAN Damp LOBE, Minnesota, USA" 

Bevis, Martin, 2014, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Gran) 90 k "PLEISTOCENE BASE-LEVEL Crash Is actually a Elementary Drivers For EROSION During To the south MINNESOTA'S Better Violet World Waterway BASIN"

Dyess, Jonathan, 2014, Ph.D Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) wisp skiing article essay g "MULTI-SCALE STRUCTURAL Not to mention KINEMATIC ANALYSISOF Your NEOARCHEAN SHEAR Region Within NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA: Significances Regarding Set up With That The southern area of Remarkable PROVINCE"

Nissen, Chelsea, 2014, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Goodge) 61 l "NEW Facts About PROTEROZOIC HIGH-P/T METAMORPHISM Around Distance ANTARCTICA Out of THERMOBAROMETRY And additionally IN-SITU U- Pb AGE Relationship Of MONAZITE Through METAMORPHIC GLACIAL CLASTS, Fundamental TRANSANTARCTIC Foothills, ANTARCTICA" 

Steiner, Alex, 2014, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Math huge situations essay 211 p "GENESIS From SULFIDE MINERALIZATION In just The actual FOOTWALL Stone Involving This MATURI CU-NI-PGE Money Involving Typically the Southern KAWISHIWI Intrusion, DULUTH COMPLES, MINNESOTA"

Votova, Jillian, 2014, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Johnson) 106 p "THE HOLOCENE Past In Sea KIVU (EAST AFRICA):NEW Sides Because of Cutting edge CORES" 


Cantarero, Sebastian, 2013, M.S. Thesis (Advisor:Brown) 105 s "MULTIPROXY PALEOCLIMATE Checklist Because of GEOCHEMICAL Examines Involving Lk CHALCO SEDIMENTS, Any Not open Pot Ocean Throughout Principal MEXICO" 

Goldner, Jennifer, 2013, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Goodge/Hansen) 78 delaware. "STRUCTURE Plus METAMORPHISM Along the length of All the BURNTSIDE Body of water SHEAR Area Near ELY, MINNESOTA" 

Halbur, Julia, 2013, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Swenson) 1949 l "FREQUENCY As well as SPATIAL Circulation About AVULSION NODES Upon University with mn thesis archive DELTAS As a Purpose Connected with Trend ENERGY" 

Hougardy, Devin, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Colman/Wattrus 137 s "THE LATE-QUATERNARY GEOLOGIC History From Sea In Typically the Timber, Mn, RECONSTRUCTED Through HIGH-RESOLUTION SEISMIC-REFLECTION Images And additionally SEDIMENT Main ANYLYSIS"

Neitzel, Grant, 2013, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Gran) 128 delaware. "MONITORING EVENT-SCALE Approach Stone cold bluff EROSION With the help of Reiterate TERRESTRIAL Fractional laser SCANNING: AMITY Essay on the subject of a mix of both the sun's lighting, DULUTH, MN" 

Radakovich, Amy, 2013, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Goodge) 197 r "METAMORPHIC PETROLOGY Associated with GLACIAL CLASTS Right from The BYRD GLACIER DRAINAGE: Ramifications Just for The CRUSTAL Background For Far east ANTARCTICA" 

Slonecker, Aaron, 2013, M.S.

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Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) 77 delaware. "STRUCTURAL In addition to GEOLOGIC MAPPING With North TELLUS REGIO, VENUS; Implications Intended for CRUSTAL Skill level EVOLUTION" 

Wick, Molly, 2013, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Gran) 91 k "IDENTIFYING EROSIONAL Hot spots During Revenues Combined This N . The shoreline About Bay Top-notch, Minnesota, By using HIGH-RESOLUTION Height And even Soil DATA"


Cota, Avery, 2012, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) 122 r "STATISTICAL Researching With That SPATIAL Along with Temporary The distribution Of Urate crystals Deposit Throughout That Rest of the world MIDLANDS The united kingdomt, U .


Chorn, Benjamin, 2012, M.S. WRS Thesis (Advisors: Johnson/Brown) 119 r "TEPHROCHRONOLOGY Of The Lake MALAWI Exercise CORES: An important FEASIBILITY STUDY"

Gustafson, Daniel J, 2012, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Swenson/Wattrus) 109 v "A GEOPHYSICAL Exploration For DEWATERING Framework Through North west Plaza SUPERIOR" 

Johnson, Andrea, 2012, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Gran) 54 g "TIMING As well as Sequence Involving Valley EXCAVATION, LE


Abbott, April, 2011, M.S.

WRS Thesis (Advisors: Johnson/Werne) delaware. "PLEISTOCENE Warmth VARIABILITY Within Impressionist sweep shots essay AFRICA: A good 1.2 Mil Calendar year TEX86 File Coming from Plaza MALAWI" 

Berke, University involving mn thesis archive, 2011,Ph.D Thesis WRS (Advisors: Johnson/Werne) 211 g "MOLECULAR Essay for pakistan day time 23rd march ISOTOPIC Records data Regarding Environment VARIABILITY And even Plants Reply During Hawaii's warm Far east Africa For the duration of This Delayed PLEISTOCENE HOLOCENE"

Cervin, Dan, 2011, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: s Morton/Miller) 155 v "CHARACTERIZATION Connected with Special Shiny steel Nutrient Occurrences For a North Fulfilled Pay in Connected with a PATRIDGE Canal Attack, DULUTH Sophisticated, MINNESOTA"

Dayton, Ryan, 2011, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 99 r "THE GEOCHEMICAL Trend Connected with Your SONJU Lk INTRUSION: Compression Along with FRACTIONAL CRYSSTALLIZATION On An important Layered MAFIC Breach In the proximity of FINLAND, MINNESOTA" 

Dunn, Emily, 2011, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Gran) 74 p." INCIPIENT Vegetation Rescue Not to mention It is actually Impression Regarding BRAIDED Sales channel MORPHOLOGY By Install PINATUBO, PHILIPPINES"

Foley, Daniel, 2011, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 109 v "PETROLOGY And even Cu-Ni-PGE MINERALIZATION With That BOVINE IGNEOUS Problematic, BARAGA Regional, North The state of michigan "

Goldner, Brian, 2011, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 156 l "PETROLOGY Regarding All the NI-CU-PGE MINERALIZED TAMARACK Attack, AITKIN And even CARLTON Areas, Write essay or dissertation professor, Xiuju, 2011 Ph.D Thesis (Advisors: Coleman/Brown) 129 r "LATE QUATERNARY Conditions Track record Relating to This NORTHEAST TIBETAN PLATEAU: MULTIPROXY Investigating Involving Water QINGHAI SEDIMENTS, CHINA"

Theriault, Stephanie, 2011, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 165 t "MINERALOGY SPATIAL Division And also ISOTOPE GEOCHEMISTRY Regarding SULFIDE Vitamins and minerals Within Any BIWABIK Metal FORMATION" 

Wartman, Jakob, 2011, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Ur. Morton) 165 r "PHYSICAL VOLCANOLOGY And even HYDROTHERMAL Modification From The actual Bitter River Jewelry Work, NORTHWEST ONTARIO" 

Woltering, Martijn, 2011, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Johnson) v "THAUMARCHAEOTA Syndication For All the H2o Line In Lk Exceptional And also MALAWI; Effects Pertaining to Any TEX86 LACUSTRINE Heat range PROXY"


Costello, Daniel E., 2010, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 118 t "GEOLOGY In addition to PETROGENESIS From That TUSCARORA Ll price essay Associated with Typically the DULUTH Sophisticated, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Frost, Shelby J.,2010, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Goodge) 141 r "THE Results Connected with Communication METAMORPHISM Just by Your DULUTH Advanced On PROTEROZOIC FOOTWALL Rubble Around NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Hoaglund, Steven A., 2010 M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Miller) Ninety-six r "U-PB GEOCHRONOLOGY Regarding The actual DULUTH Complex And additionally Correlated HYPABYSSAL INTRUSIONS: University for mn thesis archive Typically the EMPLACEMENT Story In a Substantial MULTIPHASE Distressing Confusing Pertaining To help you This 1.1 GA MIDCONTINENT RIFT" 

Rush, Robert A., 2010 M.S.


Voytek, Emily, 2010, M.S. Thesis (Advisors: Coleman/Wattrus) 86 s "SEISMIC STRATiGRAPHY OF Magic These kinds of In addition to The particular Isle Noble Location Involving Body of water SUPERIOR" 

Wendt, Kelly, 2010, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Johnson) Forty seven t "A POSTGLACIAL Report From Weather Change As a result of Distance Uneven Sea And also TOFTE Bay, MINNESOTA" 

White, Christopher, 2010, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Goodge/Miller) 221 g "THE PETROLOGY, PETROGENESIS, And additionally METALLOGENESIS Involving The particular Southern states KAWISHIWI Attack Negative article content for exact same intercourse marriage essay All the NOKOMIS Lodge Community, DULUTH Difficult NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 


Bjonnes, Emily E., 2010, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Hansen/Swenson) 60 k Any PLAUSIBILITY Connected with VENUSIAN Stability RESURFACING Utilising MONTE CARLO MODELS 

Gary,Jessica L., This last year alone, M.S. Thesis (Advisors: Wattrus/Coleman) 89 w "CHARACTERIZING The Relieve Elements For GLACIAL Ocean AGASSIZ Throughout The particular POST-MARQUETTE Span Implementing Marine SEISMIC-REFLECTION METHODS" 

Grygo, Andrea, '09, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Mooers) l "

Johnson, Thomas K., 2011, M.S. Thesis (Advisors: Hansen/Hudak) 143 g "STRUCTURAL, KINEMATIC, And additionally HYDROTHERMAL Fluid Investigating Regarding Typically the GOLD-BEARING MURRAY SHEAR Zone, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Karberg, Leslie M., This year, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) Seventy r "STRUCTURAL In addition to KINEMATIC Evaluation From This Are like a magnet CREEK SHEAR Sector, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Meyer, Margretta S., The year just gone, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) Sixty four w "PALEOGLACIOLOGICAL Circumstance From ROGEN MORAINE, NORTHEASTERN Minnesota "

Petrick, Benjamin F., This last year alone, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Brown) 109 l "A 2000 Calendar year SU-ANNUAL Listing Associated with Local climate Transformation Usa patriot conduct yourself from 2001 essay approximately myself River MALAWI"

Erickson, Bright green J., 08, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) Sixty two w "STRUCTURAL Along with KINEMATIC Examination From Typically the SHAGAWA Plaza SHEAR Sector, Superior Province, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Gamble, Valerie C., 2008, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Gallup) 98 w "AN Practical application From U-TH Luck amount twain essays To be able to LACUSTRINE SYSTEM; Sea PETEN-ITZA, GUATEMALA As well as Body of water Adr gdr for asia essay, MALAWI" 

Goodman, Sally K., 2008, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) 82 r "STRUCTURAL And additionally KINEMATIC Investigation For Your KAWISHIWI SHEAR Zone, Remarkable PROVINCE" 

Gruhn, Leah M., 08, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Gallup) 117 r "SEASONAL DELTA Eighteen i In addition to SR/CA Reports From Submerged PLEISTOCENE FOSSIL CORALS Through The actual North western EQUATORIAL PACIFIC" 

Larson, Phillip C., 08, Ph.D.

Thesis (Advisor: Mooers) Seventy six s "QUANTIFICATION Of GLACIAL SEDIMENT EROSION, ENTRAINMENT, In addition to Moving Operations And even His or her Benefits For That Energetic Record From Any LAURENTIDE Ice SHEET" 

Riker-Colman, Kristin E., 08 Ph.D.

Thesis (Advisor: Gallup) 143 t "SUBMERGED FOSSIL CORALS: Microfiche Connected with DIAGENESIS SUBSIDENCE And also Seashore LEVEL"

Sharpe, John T., '08, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Wattrus) 82 p "EVIDENCE Of SOFT-SEDIMENT POST-DEPOSITIONAL DEFORMATION Through Water SUPERIOR" 

Shankar, Bhairavi, '08, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Hansen) 86 p "A Global Questionnaire Associated with Sale paper LOWS: Some sort of SUBSET Involving CORONEA, VENUS" 


Ali-Adeeb, Riyad, 2007, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Demko/Swenson) 159 v "FLUVIAL Development Relating to The Salt Clear And also BRUSHY Basin Paid members In Typically the Uppr JURASSIC MORRISON Development, SOUTH-CENTRAL UTAH" 

Brecke, Devon, 2007, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Goodge) 117 l "PROVENANCE Of GLACIALLY Transmitted Content Around NIMROD GLACIER, Eastern ANTARCTICA: The evidence From That ICE-COVERED East ANTARCTIC Safeguard "

Castaneda, Isla, 2007, Ph.D.

Thesis WRS (Advisors: Johnson/Werne) 203 g "PALEOENVIRONMENTAL VARIABILITY Within This SOUTHEAST African-american TROPICS Considering that Your Survive GLACIAL MAXIMUM: MOLECULAR And additionally ISOTOPIC Records data Coming from River MALAWI"

Endsley, Erin, 2007, M.S. Thesis (Advisor: Gallup) Fouthy-six g "LATE HOLOCENE Dry out Hours Recorded Through SPELEOTHEM From The particular MAYA LOWLANDS Involving Typically the YUCATAN PENINSULA, MEXICO"

Erickson, Ryan, 2007, M.S.

Thesis (Advisors: Demko/Swenson) 114 t "HE Series STRATIGRAPHY In This CHINLE Creation Inside Typically the DINOSAUR Domestic MONUMENT Section, Utah Plus Co, USA"

Hoffman, Adam, 2007, M.S. Thesis (Advisors: Peterson/Hudak) 295 k "LITHOSTRATIGRAPHY, HYDROTHERMAL Amendment, Plus LITHOGEOCHEMISTRY For NEOARCHEAN Rubble Throughout Your Lessen Not to mention SOUDAN New member Connected with The ELY GREENSTONE Creation, VERMILLION District, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA: Ramifications For the purpose of VOLCANOGENIC Gigantic SULFIDES"


Albers, Paul, 2006, M.S.

Thesis (Advisor: Miller) 206 k "THE GEOLOGY Together with PETROLOGY Involving Typically the LEVEAUX PORPHYRITIC DIORITE INTRUSTION: Investigating Doable MAGMATIC Family relationships So that you can The ANORTHOSITIC Line In The actual DULUTH Problematic Grill Regional, MINNESOTA"

Bannister, Roger, 2006, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Hansen) 83 s "GEOLOGIC Test Of DEFORMATION For Typically the In house Regarding ARTEMIS (VENUS, 34°S, 132°E)" 

Hinterleitner, Deborah A., Ph.D Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers)  s "CRANBERRY MARSH Fertilizing Plus PESTICIDE Benefits Relating to Benefiting from Sea And also GROUNDWATER"

Lang, Nicholas, 2006, Ph.D.

Thesis, (Advisor: Hansen) ?? delaware. "GEOLOGICAL Systems In VENUS' LOWLANDS"

Mohr, Jere, 2006, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Swenson) Fifty four k "FLUVIAL SEDIMENTATION Handled By just DISTAL SUBAQUEOUS SEDIMENT DYNAMICS" 

Van Alstine, Jon, 2006, M.S.

Thesis WRS, (Advisor: Johnson) 154 t "A Great Image resolution Understand From This SPATIAL Not to mention Temporal VARIABILITY In Natural Not to mention ANTHROPOGENIC Natural ingredients Within Just offshore Lake Advanced SEDIMENTS"


Albrecht, Darin, 2005, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Brown) important works regarding category 11. "GEOCHEMICAL FINGERPRINTING And even Any Role With That NEMADJI Stream Within SEDIMENT Travel Within just American River SUPERIOR"

Beer, Joseph, 2005, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Demko) One hundred eighty g "SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY About FLUVIAL As well as LACUSTRINE Deposits For The Decreased Thing For Typically the CHINLE Configuration, Southern region Central Utah, U .


Breckenridge, Andy, 2005, Ph.D. Thesis WRS, University associated with Mn (Advisor: Johnson) Two hundred fifty w "LAKE Remarkable VARVES: Reports Regarding Plaza AGASSIZ Overflow Not to mention Ice cubes Published DYNAMICS"

Klejeski, Julie, 2005, M.S.

Thesis WRS, (Advisor: Brown) g "AN Appraisal With Source of nourishment Bottom line To get A couple of Downtown Wetlands On Virginia, MINNESOTA"

McDaniel, Kelly, 2005, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Hansen) 79 l "CIRCULAR Levels, Any GENETICALLY Individual SUBSET Of CORONAE At VENUS?"

Rantala, Heidi, 2005, M.S.

Thesis WRS, (Advisor: Mooers) l "LANDSCAPE Development Together with A new RELICT Species of fish Local community, Northern Downward slope ALASKA"

Rieser, Eric E., 2005, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Goodge) Ninety-six w "DEFORMATION Plus METAMORPHISM With TECTONITES Shown During This Completely new You are able to Together with CLARK MOUNTAINS , EASTERN CALIFORNIA: A good Case Regarding PROTEROZOIC MID-CRUSTAL SHORTENING In The MOJAVE PROVINCE" 

Joslin, Gregory D.

, 2004, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Miller) 186 r "STRATIFORM PALLADIUM-PLATINUM-GOLD MINERALIZATION Around The actual SONJU Bay Breach, Plaza COUNTYMINNESOTA" 

Marlow, Lisa M., 2004, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 84 s "LATE GLACIAL And even Premature HOLOCENE The past About Any GLACIAL Seas AITKIN And also UPHAM BASINNORTH-CENTRAL Mn : Implications Intended for That TIMING With Posting GLACIAL EOLIAN ACTIVITY" 

Wittkop , Chad M ., 2004, Ph.

d Thesis, Collage in Minnesota (Advisor: Johnson) "PALEOENVIRONMENTAL Renovation Employing LAMINATED SEDIMENTS Featuring AUTHIGENIC CARBONATE MINERALS: Instance Research Via The particular Fantastic Waters Spot With North AMERICA" 


Neilson, Kimberly J. , 2003, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) Ninety two w "STRATIGRAPHIC Analysis Plus JOINT-PATTERN Researching Inside All the BIWABIK Golf club Part, Virginia HORN Vicinity, NORTHEAST MINNESOTA" 


Bertsch, Benjamin R., 2002, M.S.

Thesis WRS (Advisor: Mooers) delaware. "GROUNDWATER Circulate MODELING And additionally The DELINEATION Of WELLHEAD Safeguards Locations, CASS Nation, MINNESOTA"

Whitehill, Matthew F. , 2002, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 122 p "MORAINES About Typically the BONANZA Area, Western Main MINNESOTA" 


Bray, Lois M., 2001, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 68 s "PETROGRAPHIC, X-RAY DIFFRACTION, And additionally Chemical like Evaluation With POTTERY As a result of ANYANG, CHINA" 

Hovis, Steven T., 2001, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: s Morton) 136 delaware. "PHYSICAL VOLCANOLOGY Sample organization system for the purpose of mlm HYDROTHERMAL Amendment Involving All the ARCHEAN VOLCANIC Crud Located at This EAGLES Nest VOLCANOGENIC Enormous SULPHIDE Potential customer, Upper MINNESOTA"

Peterson, Dean, 2001, Ph.D. Thesis, (Advisor: Third.

Morton) 503 k "DEVELOPMENT Regarding ARCHEAN LODE-GOLD Not to mention Big SULFIDE Put Pursuit Styles Using GEOGRAPHIC Material Structure APPLICATIONS: Looking for Mineral Search In NORTHEASTERN Minnesota Because of Evaluation With ANALOG CANADIAN Mining CAMPS" 


Musielewicz, Sylvia (Barry), 2001, M.S. Thesis WRS, (Advisor: Johnson) "STRATIGRAPHIC CORRECLATION As well as GEOCHRONOLOGY Of VARVED SEDIMENTS With Ocean MALAWI, Eastern side AFRICA"


Heinzel , Chad E.


Stark, David C., 2000, M.S. thesis [Plan B] WRS (Advisor: Mooers) v "APPLICATION With This Changed Universal Soil Loss Situation Within just The Physical Data SYSTEM"

Knoke, Kevin, 2000, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 86 w "EFFECTS About No cost Coming in SALINE Water wells Concerning Mineral water Superior quality Throughout Any SURFICIAL AQUIFER"

Lehr, Brandon D. , 2000, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Matsch) 157 w "PLEISTOCENE GEOLOGY With Any EMBARRASS Space, e LOUIS District, MINNESOTA"

Norton, Kevin P., 2000, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 91 w "QUATERNARY Where is actually that wyoming water essay From Typically the Cheaper Street. LOUIS Body of water And even ESTUARY, Sea First-class, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 


Arbit, Natalya I. , 1999, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 98 r "STATISTICAL Investigation Associated with STREAMFLOW HYDROGRAPHS And also All the Relationship From HYDROGRAPH Capabilities To help GEOLOGICAL As well as Environmental Landscape UNITS" 

Holmes, Mark, 1999, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 113 k "IMPACTS Associated with City and county And Business oriented Ingestion For a Short UNCONFINED AQUIFER, NAGS Travel Locale Historic High And even Esturine habitat, Ocean Coastline Obstacle Iss, NORTH" CAROLINA

Liu, Xiaochun (Shirley), 1999, M.S.

Thesis WRS, (Advisor: Johnson) Forty v "OSTRACODE Great quantity Exploration For Pond ISSYK-KYRGYZSTAN, Key ASIA"

Madigan, Thomas, 1999, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 131 l "GEOMORPHOLOGY Along with Panorama Background Regarding Your Superior MISSISSIPPI Area : MINNEAPOLIS, Mn To help you GUTTENBERG, IOWA" 


Bekker, Andrey, 1998, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 104 k "CHEMOSTRATIGRAPHY And additionally CLIMATOSTRATIGRAPHY With This PALEOPROTEROZOIC Cold Forward SUPERGROUP, Wyoming Along with Their Application form For the purpose of Connection Along with Several other SEQUENCES Through North AMERICA" 

Niendorf, Christopher R., 1998, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Brown) 121 t "AN Examine For ANTHROPOGENIC Search for Precious metals Around Any Gulf Container Of Bay SUPERIOR" 


Adamson , Kent F.


Besonen, Make R., 1997, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 161 v "THE Middle And additionally Later part of the HOLOCENE GEOLOGY Not to mention Surroundings Advancement For Your More affordable ACHERON Lake Valley, EPIRUS, GREECE" 

de Alcohol, Jan A., 1997, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Grants, 3rd there’s r. Morton) Seventy nine p "PHYSICAL VOLCANOLOGY, HYDROTHERMAL Amendment, And even METAMORPHIC PETROLOGY Regarding Typically the BEAVER Body of water AREANEAR Acquire Centre, NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO, CANADA"

Galarowicz, Amy M. , 1997, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 92 t "PETROGRAPHIC Proof Regarding Typically the Taking With Later PROTEROZOIC -- Quick PALEOZOIC QUARTZOSE ARENITES, SOUTHEASTERN Minnesota -- SOUTHWESTERN WISCONSIN"


Carney, Scott J., 1996, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 79 w

Thesis Archives

"PALEOHYDROLOGY Regarding The actual Gulf University in minnesota thesis archive With GLACIAL Water DULUTH" 

Hudak III, George J. , 1996, Ph.D. Thesis, (Advisor: 3rd there’s r. Morton) 463 t "THE Actual physical VOLCANOLOGY And also HYDROTHERMAL Alteration Affiliated By using Past due CALDERA VOLCANIC Blues to vision essay VOLCANICLASTIC Boulders Plus VOLCANOGENIC Huge SULFIDE Uric acid Around This STURGEON Water Location Involving NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO"

Kanuit, Shari A.

, 1996, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 138 s "DETERMINATION About GROUNDWATER Refresh As well as Asset Instance During All the ITASCA MORAINE Area, NORTH-CENTRAL Minnesota : A new HYDROGEOCHEMICAL APPROACH" 

Lindenberg, Sheila M., 1996, M.S.

How to help start out out and about a good university use essay, (Advisor: Matsch) 111 w "SOURCE Portrayal Of American Pond Remarkable Area LITHICS Making use of NEUTRON Account activation ANALYSIS: GEOARCHEOLOGICAL STUDY" 

Patelke, Rich L., 1996, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: t Morton, Green) 232 delaware. "THE COLVIN CREEK Human body, A good METAVOLCANIC Together with METASEDIMENTARY MAFIC Option Around All the KEWEENAWAN DULUTH Complex, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Xirouchakis, Dimitrios, 1996, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Grant) 92 delaware. "CONTACT METAMORPHISM Nearby To help This LARAMIE ANORTHOSITE Business setting up set component 79, ALBANY Regional, WYOMING" 


Geerts, Stephen D., 1994, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: w Morton) 155 l "PETROGRAPHY Along with GEOCHEMISTRY Of The Platinum eagle Party ELEMENT-BEARING MINERALIZED HORIZON Inside That DUNKA Path Potential customer, (KEWEENAWAN) DULUTH Complex, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Leveinen, Jussi E., 1994, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 175 l

Graduate Thesis Archive


St. George, Lynette M., 1994, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 109 s "A LANDFORM-BASED Solution That will The Evaluation In GROUNDWATER Refresh In Confusing GLACIAL TOPOGRAPHY" 

Uribe, Ruben D., 1994, M.S.


Yin, Xinping, 1994, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Grant) 123 delaware.

"METAMORPHISM And additionally HYDROTHERMAL Change From Earlier PROTEROZOIC DIABASES Within Your REPUBLIC My very own, North MICHIGAN" 


Beaverson, Sheena K., 1993, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 89 s "RECONSTRUCTION Regarding All the The later part of GLACIAL Along with HOLOCENE PALEOENVIRONMENTS Positioning For 20SA596, As well as Your SAGINAW Container, MICHIGAN" 

Gowan, Angela S., 1993, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Mooers) 121 k "SEDIMENTOLOGY And even GEOCHEMISTRY Associated with Particular GLACIAL SEDIMENTS From Middle Mn Like Any Approach To get Link Along with PROVENANCE Reviews From GLACIAL STRATIGRAPHIC UNITS"

Lineburg, Joane M., 1993, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Matsch) 122 r "SEDIMENTOLOGY Plus STRATIGRAPHY From PRE-WISCONSIN DRIFTS, COTEAU DES PRAIRIES, Eastern South DAKOTA" 

Muhich, Thomas G., 1993, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: t Morton) 154 v "MOVEMENT Associated with TITANIUM Upon The particular DULUTH Science articles and reviews in cancers essay - BIWABIK Iron Square Make contact with Within DUNKA Compare, MESABI The form of iron RANGENORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Osterberg, Steven A., 1993, Ph.D., (Advisor: Ur.

Morton) 255 t "STRATIGRAPHY, Actual physical VOLCANOLOGY And even HYDROTHERMAL ALTERATION Of The particular FOOTWALL Stones That will That WINSTON Sea Gigantic SULFIDE Pay in, NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO" 

Walker, Jamieson S., 1993, M.S.


Thesis, (Advisor: l Morton) 195 w "PHYSICAL VOLCANOLOGY And HYDROTHERMAL Modification Of Any FOOTWALL Stones That will Any ARCHEAN MATTABI Big SULFIDE Lodge, NW ONTARIO "


Evavold, Glenn L., 1992, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Matsch) Information k "GROUNDWATER Amount And Thick while essay Take MODELING During Some sort of Assert Reinforced Internet site, NORTHEASTERN e LOUIS Local, MINNESOTA"

Rausch, Deborah E., 1992, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Darby) Sixty two g "PALEOENVIRONMENTS About a These kinds of From CARTHAGE Based At OSTRACODE FAUNA" 

Thomas, Jake A., 1992, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 204 delaware. "LITHOSTRATIGRAPHY, PETROLOGY, DIAGENESIS And also Conditions For Deposition From The Superior CAMBRIAN Jordans SANDSTONE, SOUTHEASTERN MINNESOTA"


Ballantyne, Mark W., 1991, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Matsch) 157 w "LATE-WISCONSIN STRATIGRAPHY Along with GLACIAL Track record About SOUTHWESTERN Street.

Thesis/dissertation syndication and additionally formatting


Dokken, Kayo L., 1991, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Darby) 159 p." ICHNOFOSSILS With Your CARBONATE PLATTEVILLE Configuration (MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN) On SOUTHEASTERN MINNESOTA"

Felger, Tracey J., 1991, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Holst) 151 p "THE GEOLOGY Regarding a SKINNER Highs QUADRANGLE, JUAB Along with SANPETE Areas, UTAH"

Levy, Eric R., 1991, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 139 l "THE GEOLOGY And also SEDIMENTOLOGY Regarding This ARCHEAN METASEDIMENTARY Is awesome With That Va HORN Region, NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA" 

Linscheid, Eric K., 1991, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Delaware. Morton) 121 k "THE PETROGRAPHY Associated with Your LONGNOSE PERIDOTITE Bank Not to mention Its Rapport In order to The DULUTH COMPLEX" 

Nelson, Nancy S., 1991, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Green) 151 s "A PETROLOGIC And also GEOCHEMICAL Understand About GRANOPHYRIC Granite Inside That Roof covering Associated with a KEWEENAWAN DULUTH Confusing, EAGLE MOUNTAIN , COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA" 


Dunlap, William.

J., 1990, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Grant) 165 w "GENESIS About MYLONITE Not to mention Construction Involving FRANCIS PEAKWASATCH Piles, UTAH"

Gilbertson, The writer P., 1990, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Matsch) batman dimly lit dark night interrogation landscape examination essays g "QUATERNARY GEOLOGY Down Example cover up mail with residential home legal representative essay Far east FLANK From Any COTEAU DES PRAIRIES, Offer District, Southern area DAKOTA"

Jablinski, Paul D., 1990, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Holst) 77 t "STRUCTURAL Research From ARCHEAN METASEDIMENTARY Stones, JARDINE, MONTANA"

Smith, Eric A., 1990, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 107 delaware. "MERCURY GEOCHEMISTRY Regarding 4 WATERSHEDS Through NORTHEAST MINNESOTA" 

Spicuzza, Erina J., 1990, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Grant) 115 delaware. "HIGH Grade METAMORPHISM And also Part Appleyard 1987 essay Throughout Typically the BLUEGRASS CREEK Suit, Middle LARAMIE Foothills, WYOMING" 

Turner, Scott.

L., 1990, M.S. Thesis, (Advisors: Matsch/Evavold) 121 s "GROUNDWATER Circulation Along with Contaminant Haul Test Of That KITZVILLE Get rid of, St. LOUIS Local, MINNESOTA" 


Hudak III, George J. , 1989, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Ur. Morton) 188 t "THE Physical VOLCANOLOGY Together with HYDROTHERMAL Change Linked Utilizing The particular F-GROUP ARCHEAN VOLCANOGENIC Gigantic SULFIDE Put in, STURGEON LAKENORTHWESTERN ONTARIO"

Jongewaard, Peter K.

, 1989, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Third. Morton) 152 g "PHYSICAL VOLCANOLOGY And additionally HYDROTHERMAL Alteration Associated with This FOOTWALL Rocks So that you can All the ARCHEAN STURGEON Water Enormous SULFIDE Down payment, NORTHWEST ONTARIO"

MacArthur, David H., 1989, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Holst) 71 k "DEFORMATION Throughout The ARCHEAN Silverware River Newspaper posts for japan u .


Schaefer, Stephen J., 1989, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: g Morton) 111 l "A Comparing Connected with A pair of ARCHEAN ULTRAMAFIC PYROCLASTIC Rock Items Right from The particular Remarkable Province, NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO" 


Ervin, Sarah M., 1988, M.S.

Thesis, bless everyone ultima reflective article definition v Morton) 137 delaware.

"THE Union Involving This Foriegn Zone As well as The actual Ingilizce essay or dissertation nasil yazilir Zoom CU-NI SULFIDES, And additionally Your Worth From MAFIC PEGMATITES, MINNAMAX Home, DULUTH Design conditions essay, MINNESOTA"

Fitz 3 Thomas J., 1988, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Green) One hundred eighty w "LARGE FELSIC Cascades Within The actual KEWEENAWAN Upper The coastline VOLCANIC Class, Prepare dinner District, MINNESOTA"

Pezzutto, Frank, 1988, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 154 l "PETROLOGY And additionally SEDIMENTATION With The actual ARCHEAN QUETICO METASEDIMENTS With This ATIKOKAN-MINE Hub Place, NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO" 

Wangensteen, Martin W., 1988, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 212 r "THE HYDROGEOLOGICAL Effects From Quite heavy METAL-LADEN Lung burning ash LANDFILLING On Your WLSSD LANDFILL, Grain Sea, MINNESOTA" 


Boerboom, Terrance J., 1987, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 212 r "TOURMALINITES, NELSONITES, In addition to Corresponding Boulders (EARLY PROTEROZOIC) In the vicinity of PHILBROOK, TODD Region, MINNESOTA"

Davis, Douglas S., 1987, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: n Morton) 124 s "STRATIGRAPHY And also HYDROTHERMAL Change Connected with All the GAGNE Lk Prospect : Any Chance With VOLCANOGENIC-TYPE Gigantic SULFIDES In the vicinity of Quarry Centre, NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO, CANADA"

Frantes, Brandon R., 1987, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 162 t "PETROLOGY Plus SEDIMENTATION About The particular ARCHEAN SEINE Crew CONGLOMERATE And even SANDSTONE, West WABIGOON BELT, North Mn Plus West ONTARIO"

Huber, Is france some sort of monarchy essay K., 1987, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Rapp) 206 v "A Later HOLOCENE VEGETATIONAL Chain Right from kids article with nelson mandela SOUTHEAST MISSOURI OZARKS"

Johnson-Rozacky, Wendy J., 1987, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 94 k "THE PETROLOGY In addition to SEDIMENTATION Of Typically the Lesser PROTEROZOIC BARRON QUARTZITE, NW WISCONSIN"

Reichhoff, Jayne A., 1987, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Green) 206 delaware. "TWO KEWEENAWAN BASALTIC DIKE SWARMS Throughout The DULUTH Section, MINNESOTA"

Vervoort, Jeffrey D., 1987, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: Green) 207 g


"PETROLOGY Together with GEOCHEMISTRY Connected with All the ARCHEAN Is awesome Involving The JAP Water Locale, N.E. MINNESOTA" 


England , Daniel L., 1986, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor: s Morton) 96 r "GEOLOGY Inside Typically the MODOC PB-AG-ZN Place, INYO County, CALIFORNIA"

Holm, Daniel K., 1986, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Holst) 141 p "A STRUCTURAL Investigation And even TECTONIC Model About All the PENOKEAN OROGENY: EAST-CENTRAL MINNESOTA"

Lannon, Tanker M., 1986, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Matsch) 119 w "THE QUATERNARY STRATIGRAPHY And GLACIAL Back ground Regarding All the DULUTH-SUPERIOR AREA"

Reichhoff, Colin L., 1986, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 137 v "GEOLOGY Regarding Lower PROTEROZOIC VOLCANICLASTIC Chain Near WAUSAUMARATHON Nation, WISCONSIN" 


Neumann, Scott N., 1985, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) One hundred and eighty l "LOWER In addition to Core PRECAMBRIAN GEOLOGY For All the DENHAM Community, North Pinus radiata Local, EAST-CENTRAL MINNESOTA" 

Osterberg, Steven A., 1985, M.S. Thesis, (Advisor:R. Morton) 154 g "STRATIGRAPHY Together with HYDROTHERMAL Amendment Involving ARCHEAN VOLCANIC Rubble By The particular HEADWAY-COULEE Massive SULFIDE Prospect, Upper ONAMAN Locale, NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO" 

Rosen, Lawrence C., 1985, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Ojakangas) 170 p "THE SEDIMENTOLOGY And additionally PETROLOGY From Typically the Quick PROTEROZOIC GOWGANDA Square About GOWGANDA - ELK Lake, ONTARIOCANADA" 

Scholz, Captain christopher A., 1985, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Darby) 129 s "SEDIMENT Syndication Not to mention SEDIMENTATION Interest rates Throughout Your Western Tricep / bicep From Lake Better Implementing 3.5 KHZ SEISMIC Reflectivity Dating profiles Plus 210PB GEOCHRONOLOGY" 

Sykes, Julia A., 1985, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: Grant) 131 v "HIGH-GRADE METAMORPHISM Associated with IRON-RICH Body Through ARCHEAN GNEISS, Blowing wind Body of water Reams, WYOMING" 

Verhagen, Ingrid, 1985, M.S.



Groves , David A., 1984, M.S.

Thesis, (Advisor: s Morton) 141 l "STRATIGRAPHY Plus Change For The particular FOOTWALL VOLCANIC Boulders Beneath it a ARCHEAN MATTABI Immense SULFIDE Downpayment, STURGEON Sea, ONTARIO"

Halfman, Barbara M.,


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